• Slugchat: Valentine’s Day

    Banana Slug News reporter Hudson Knight asks students to share their opinions and experiences around Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air!

    Hudson Knight
    Aadam Mohammad
    Kathy Damian
    Paulette Serrano

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  • UCSC 2017 Hackathon

    The University of California, Santa Cruz hosts a Hackathon event every year. This time, Banana Slug News caught up with the students and staff of the event to shed some light on the history of the event, its purpose, and the great innovations being made there.

    Crew – Kathy Damian, Hudson Knight
    Editor – Kathy Damian

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  • Gap Year or Nah?

    Graduate Information Assistants Joanna Gil and Jacqueline Alonso break down the reasons why students may want to take a gap year, or go straight to graduate school.

    Crew – Timothy Tsung, Erika Staud, Hudson Knight
    Editor – Erika Staud

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  • UCSC Muslim Ban Protest

    On January 2nd, students at the University of California, Santa Cruz attended a protest against Trump’s travel ban. The event was organized by the Muslim Student Association.

    Crew – Timothy Tsung, Hudson Knight, Kathy Damian
    Editor – Timothy Tsung

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  • Club Spotlight: UCSC Fencing Club

    BSN correspondent Luke Pfeiffer stopped by the UCSC Fencing Club to get a better idea of how the club operates. With the generous permission of the club, BSN was allowed to get hands-on experience, and Luke was allowed to have a dramatic showdown with club president Masaya Takahashi.

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  • Slugchat: Presidential Debates

    BSN reporter Hudson Knight asks UCSC’s students what they thought of the most recent presidential debates.

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  • Rachel Carson Dedication

    BSN reporter Tim Tsung gets more information about the transition from College 8 to Rachel Carson at the Rachel Carson Commencement.

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